Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishful Wednesday.

This week, I'm wishing for some input. Specifically about which yarn to use to knit my new-favorite scarf (another Kirsten Johnstone assemblage design!)

Let me introduce you to Kozue  (maybe you're wondering why I didn't wish I spoke Japanese, but I've learned that having multi-lingual friends is actually much  better!)
Here's how Kirsten sets the stage:
Kozue: Japanese (Romanji) for (n) treetop.The pattern detail is reminiscent of treetop gazing;
the twiggy branches,
the framed space,
the filtered light,
the susurrus sway.
Oh my, right?!

I actually stumbled across the pattern (which was published a few years back) browsing the projects of another favorite designer Julie Hoover. Come to find out, Julie and Kirsten are friends in real life (and as I type this I realize we are truly in a different age...where friends can be virtual, or real, or imaginary :-). This is a pattern I wish I'd seen sooner. Love that "tree" detail (which kind of reminds me of the twisted stitches in Making Waves, except it's a lot more twisted and a lot smaller gauge). and especially LOVE the yarn options.

Which brings me to my wish for input. 

The choices* (left to right) are:
1. Habu XS-45 20/3 Bamboo (100% bamboo)
2. Habu A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk (100% silk)
3. Dream in Color Wisp (silk/merino)
4. Habu N-75 2/48 fine merino (merino)
5. Nirvana (extra fine merino)
6. Findley (silk/merino)
7. Tactile Arcata Lace (100% tussah silk)

Which yarn would YOU choose to knit this? 

Cast your vote using the "Wishful Wednesday" buttons on the sidebar. I'll announce the winning choice on August 21 ( cast on after the Ravellenic Games!).

(*thank you to Marci for helping me narrow down the choices..and choose the colors!)


  1. OOOH! I have a skein of the Tactile Arcata Lace---maybe I'll do this scarf in it! Looks pretty, but with lots of stockinette stitch?

  2. since i'm unfamiliar with any of these, i'd say whatever is going to be very light and flimsy. beautiful pattern.