Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knitting Along the Ella Coat.

Oh my. I can't even think where to start. So I'll share a photo.
that's Boo, Penny, Anne (not knitting Ella), Nora, Nancy, Kathy and me
Yes, that's us yesterday afternoon (mostly*) working on week 2 of the Ella Coat Knit-along. Week 2 starts at the armhole shaping and ends with the bodice completed. Which means there is counting and decreasing (including that tricky ssp!) and talking.....and frogging.

And Kathy looking for bling.

And finding it!
this is what Kathy found for herself (her coat is madelinetosh vintage in the fragrant colorway)
and for Nancy (Nancy's coat is the red, the orange will be the ruffle and the multi sparkle will be stripes)
And Nora looking for inspiration for ruffles.
my coat is shepherds' wool in the plum colorway and that's noro silk garden for the ruffle
And finding it...for me! (thank you Nora for spending much of your knitting time hunting through the bins of Silk Garden to find this!) I hope week 3 includes ruffles because I am so excited about knitting mine I'm not sure I can wait much longer!

(sadly, I didn't get a photo of Nora's ruffle selection - maybe next week?).

It's not to late to join the fun. Be sure to join the Ravelry Group and subscribe to Noni's blog for all the details. And definitely make plans - if you can - to knit with us on Friday afternoons. We start around 1 and 6!

*anyone is free to join in the Friday afternoon knitting...many of us are working on Ella, but not everyone is!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Socks from the Toe Up.

click to see all the patterns on Ravelry
Our sock knitting club starts this Sunday (January 15) from 1-3pm at the shop. The club is going to knit projects from Wendy Johnson's fabulously popular book, Socks from the Toe Up.

They've selected the Diagonal Lace Socks (page 52 ) for their first project.

Prolific sock knitter Jane Kelley has already finished one pair. She used Madelinetosh Pashmina in the magnolia leaf colorway. Pashmina is a sport weight blend of merino, cashmere and silk. I think her feet are going to be spoiled!

The club is meeting monthly on the third Sunday. Hope you're making plans to join in!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year. Let's KAL!

Whoa. Blogger tells me it's been 22 days since I last posted. Yes, time flies when you're having fun (or when you're trying to finish up that holiday knitting that didn't seem like that much knitting when you planned it. back in July.)

Please forgive me. (and promise me you'll help me with my holiday knitting "problem" this year by either a) convincing me not to knit it; or b) helping me understand how long it will really - really!! - take to knit - thank you!)

OK deep breath and yes, it's 2012. A new year. I hope you have plans - like me! - for NEW knitting!! ...and a new KAL*!

or two.

or three.

Yep. that's right. We're planning THREE knit-alongs to start the year.

First up, the Ella Coat. Kathy started a world-wide craze; Noni herself has jumped on the bandwagon for this one.  Yay, Kathy! We're officially casting on January 20 at 1pm. If you're interested, check out Noni on Ravelry or Facebook for more details and then contact the shop to get your yarn (come in person if you can - we have all the colors of the suggested Shepherd's Wool in stock).

Kathy will be knitting a striped version.
Ella yarn selection for KAL
yes there are sparkles in with all those colors!
I've opted for a solid with a contrasting ruffle.
that dark color (my main color) is the same color shown on the pattern cover. personally, I hope it doesn't turn out quite that bright!

Next, the Panoramic Stole. Continuing our crush on the ever popular Coastal Knits - this is our second KAL from that book (we did the Rustling Leaves Beret in late 2011). I loved this design when I first saw the book. And Theresa sealed the deal when she told me she'd ordered the suggested yarn - Swan's Island. A stunning organic merino/alpaca fingering from Maine. Oh my! The pattern calls for just two skeins. We'll be casting this one on next week - Friday the 13th.

I've chosen a neutral... yes, for once, I won't be the one standing out in the crowd in the purple/blue/green/red lace shawl!
the oatmeal colorway

And third, any and EVERYthing Maggie! Our Maggiknits weekend was a huge success and we know many of you (and me!) have a few kits and/or projects to knit. Please let us know what you're working on - and of course, if you have any questions, ask!  My first (of three!!) projects is the Skerries Capelet (and yes, I'm going to knit it seamlessly!)

*we get lots of questions along the lines of "what's a KAL?". Simply, it's a Knit-along (KAL) - a project that the shop is supporting by encouraging lots of knitters to join in. So we post here on the blog, or Facebook, or Ravelry, or our newsletters about that project. Yarn and needle suggestions, skills required, helpful tips, anything that we think will help you complete that project successfully. Along the way, we like to have fun...and we love to celebrate those successful projects.  There is also a community aspect to these projects. Theresa has created a wonderful environment in the shop for knitting (seriously. that new couch and chairs. have you sat there to knit? amazing!) and we have KAL time in the shop every Friday afternoon from 1-ish til 4-ish (or maybe 6pm when the shop closes). It's a great time, not only to knit, but also to connect with other knitters (not only about knitting)...and it's my hands-down favorite way to start the weekend. If you have any questions about KAL-ing at the Cottage, please leave a comment here, or on Facebook or Ravelry. and please, don't be shy about joining us!