Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seasonal Thoughts.

I'm in Florida right now, visiting my parents, and it's a balmy 58 degrees outside (and yes, that's at 7 am); they're forecasting a high today in the upper 60's. And my Google homepage shows Roswell with a low of 25 and a high of 40 and those little white dots that mean snow flurries. So while I have spring here, I know it's still winter at home.

And I think it fits perfectly to share ideas for knitting winter....

Dave's Montera Set
 Dave's Montera Set is the latest free pattern from Classic Elite's newsletter. It includes mittens and a hat sized for both women and men, knit in a textured stitch pattern that works great in one or two colors. The suggested yarn is a 50 wool/50 alpaca blend at 4 st/in. Cascade Pastaza would be perfect - and comes in about a hundred colors (and it's reasonably priced - you could make the set with two skeins for around $20).

...and spring.
photo from silberfee on flickr
This is the Colchicaceae shawlette and it's going to be our next KAL. It's a free pattern on Ravelry (). The pattern suggests about 380 yards of DK weight yarn, but there are also beautiful projects knit in worsted weight (like this one in my favorite Venezia Worsted) and sport weight (this one in madelinetosh Pashmina is stunning!) as well. In a bright color and a yarn with some silk (and of course a cute white t-shirt!) this screams SPRING to me. We're going to start the KAL next Friday, February 4. And with any luck, by the time we've finished, we'll have some warmer weather!

I'll be back early next week with yarn suggestions and a gauge swatch. If you're planning to knit with us in person, it's 2-4pm at the shop. But we welcome virtual participation as well - feel free to participate in our Ravelry forum, or on Facebook.

Stay warm and happy knitting/stitching!!

edited to add (in response to Lydia's question in the comments): Ravelry has finished photos of three finished shawls knit in fingering weight yarn. All three report to use close to 500 yards and one used a size 4 needle (the other two don't mention the needle size).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Madelinetosh.

In my last post, I showed you the recently arrived Madelinetosh Sock. But I later learned I'd showed you only half the colors - yep, Theresa ordered 24 colors of Sock, not "just" 12!! Here's the other half. and a close-up of the gorgeous gray and pinky purple on the bottom row:

One of the great things about getting Madelinetosh at the shop, where you can see (and touch!) the yarn is that our shipments are all dyed at once. And Theresa always orders project quantities of the yarns. So if you want to make a sweater, say out of Pashmina
next up in my queue - the fall away cardigan in cove
or maybe out of DK
february lady sweater knit in kale
tea leaves almost done knitting in olivia
or maybe even out of the Sock, you can buy skeins that match. And you probably won't have to alternate skeins (I hate alternating skeins!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe it's 2011 already! December just flew by (like the rest of 2010) and I apologize for the long silence here. I overcommitted a bit on my holiday knitting and things like blogging took a back seat. I intend to do better this year - in both my overcommitting and the frequency of blog posts!

The shop is closed today but we'll be open tomorrow from 1-4pm (our regular hours) in case you need a knitting or stitching "fix". On the knitting front, we have several new yarns from Berocco, including the very popular Remix. And the first box of the Madelinetosh re-order, including 12 colors of Sock and 14 of Pashmina has arrived. I hadn't seen that many colors of those yarns except online - so I visited the shop on Thursday to see them in real life. I wasn't disappointed! and as good as photographs are, believe me, these yarns are even better in person.

First, here's the Sock. One long skinny photo to show off all the colors....

a close up of the blues and golds on the top row

and then a close up of the grays on the bottom row... I tend to think this yarn is too nice for socks, but wow, wouldn't these colors look wonderful on a man's foot?

and a portrait of my absolute favorite colorway

and then the Pashmina - the long, skinny photo that shows all the colors.... 
a close-up of the 2nd row

and the 3rd...
Wishing everyone the best for 2011! Hope to see you soon... and until then, happy knitting/stitching!!