Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Had Us at Petite.

As in Royal Petite, from Blue Sky Alpacas. A new petite ball - 100 yards of their 100% Royal Alpaca - paired with patterns designed to use just a ball or two. Sounds good, right?
our "petite" display, located just behind the front table of habu
...but wait. It gets better.
how cute?!
Just look at the packaging for the patterns.
each little folio opens up - there's a picture of the alpaca (it's even signed on the back!) on one side and the pattern on the other
this is what the pattern looks like, unfolded
If I haven't convinced you, check out what Wendy Bernard, of Knit and Tonic fame, said in two of her recent blog posts. (and for the record, I think Elmo is a Muppet, how about you?)

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