Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We're Ready!

Many (many!!) working hours later, and what seemed impossible has been accomplished!

there's a lovely spot in the front of the shop for stitching
the yellow table looks completely at home surrounded by comfortable chairs
the patterns and books are on display
needlepoint threads, too
the central seating area is complete with pillows
so we've turned out the lights and gone home for some sleep!
The shop opens today - Tuesday, August 31 at 10:00 a.m. Hope to see you soon in our new location!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Progress.

They say that the key to getting a lot done in a short period of time is to have many hands to help. And it's true! Theresa, the Cast-on Cottage staff and a few of our friends have been working nearly round the clock this past week.

Everyone's hard work is paying off! Yes, it's starting to look like a yarn and needlepoint store!

canvases have been hung on the cork walls

threads have been hung

the cascade wall is done!

as is the wall - this one holds blue sky, misti alpaca, lorna's laces and louet - and the malabrigo worsted and twist is in those cubbies to the left
Classes start today in the new location... and in case you're wondering why we're not opening for everyone til Tuesday?

It's because there is still a lot to do!
the library - pretty empty

and the rest of the shop!
Yep, a lot!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Preview.

...of our new location. Yes, it is official! Our new shop is in Coleman Village at 860 Marietta Highway in Roswell and we'll be open there on Tuesday, August 31.

If you've visited the current Canton Street shop in the past week, you've seen that the moving sale continues ... and maybe wondered where the yarn was going!

I took a field trip to the new location yesterday and have photos to share! (visit our facebook page to see more, especially of the parking lot with plenty of room for everyone!)

view from the arched entryway - love the bright green paint here, and the hot pink wall in the background
yes...there's still a lot!! of work to be done!

the new cascade wall (much bigger...and brighter!!)

part of the needlepoint area (there's more to the left) - that brown wall is really covered in cork and will ultimately be covered with canvases

the classroom - I'm standing in the doorway - and what you can't see (to the left) is a long counter that will be perfect for assembling large projects...or maybe just showing them off!

there will be lots of chairs and seating areas so folks can sit (and knit or stitch)

another view from the back to the front - love the tower of sock yarn!

I had no idea we had some of these colors!

some of the Rowan yarn in its new home

and new yarn! this is Amy Butler Organic - we have all the colorways in both DK and aran weights

and new colorways of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - that red on top is Ysolda Red!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Student Successes.

You know we love showing off our customers' FO's. And it's extra fun to show off projects that our students finish. Something about that "first success" is just. plain. special. 

First, here's Joanna modeling her February Lady Sweater. She used Araucania Toconao.
And Debra knit a hat using Ann Norling's basic ribbed hat pattern and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted.
And Ginny finished this vest for her nephew. The pattern is from the Purl website and she used Sublime Organic Cotton DK.
Beautiful work! Congratulations, Ladies!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finished Toes!

Our toe-up sock KAL started yesterday and we have progress to share! That's Beth's sock on the right (she's using malabrigo sock in the primavera colorway) and mine on the left (using pagewood farms yukon in the fabulous fall colorway).

I'm really excited about the smooth finish from the turkish cast-on. I left the stitches on the two dpn's I used for the cast-on until the third round (which is the 2nd increase round) and I substituted "knit in the front & back" (kfb) for the M1's that the pattern suggests. To get those increases spaced evenly, I did the kfb in the first stitch on needles 1 and 3 and in the 2nd to last stitch on needles 2 and 4 - that leaves one plain knit stitch on the outside...similar to the ssk/k2tog on the edges of cuff-down socks.

I'm hoping we have more participation in this KAL - after all, 28 of you voted on the pattern! (and I didn't vote!) Of course virtual participation is fine...but please share your projects and progress with us on Ravelry.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Casting on for Toe-up Socks.

One of the very cool things about toe-up socks is that there's no seam at the toes (which means no kitchener, which is, in my opinion, one of the very best reasons to knit toe-up socks!). But this also means you have to cast on in a way that allows you to "build" a toe. The Turkish Cast-on is one method - and that's the one suggested by the pattern - so that's the one I researched!

Gotta love the internet, and You Tube (and Google). A quick search for tutorials turned up thousands of results. These are my three favorites.

First, a video showing the cast on with two circular needles (she says it also works for magic loop).

Second - still for circular needles, a blog post with great photos.

And last but not least, a video for dpn lovers (like me!)

Note that you don't need to watch the entire 7 minutes...I managed this small beginning after watching just over 5 minutes of the video.

...I've also realized it might be helpful to do your cast-on while watching the video of your choice - please feel free to cast on ahead of Friday's "official" start date (I think I might need to!)

Hopefully this provides you what you need to get started, but please, if you have any questions, post them in the comments or on Ravelry; we'll respond as quickly as we can - thanks!

And the Winner Is....

a BIG thank you to everyone who voted!!

Here's a link to the pattern and to the Ravelry projects .  I'm still researching tutorials for the toe-up cast on and will follow-up with another blog post before Friday.

Remember - we're launching our KAL this Friday, August 6, at 2pm. If you can't be there in person, please do share your project with us on Ravelry. I've started a thread in our forum - start discussing!