Monday, June 27, 2011

Nantucket Vest KAL.

...the best laid plans and all that...

Yes, our plans to start the Nantucket Vest KAL this month have been thwarted by the incredible popularity of the suggested Ripple yarn. Theresa ordered the white, black and natural (aka "color 07 - fog", the one pictured) colors and we finally received the white and the black last week. The natural is on back order, with an anticipated delivery date in late July.

So, we'll plan to cast on August 5 to allow everyone time to get their yarn*.  Figure we can all use a month off from a KAL... to make another Summer Flies or maybe finish up a project or two (does anyone else have three unfinished projects from previous KAL's, or is that just me?)

In the meantime, and I swatched (black - yikes!) the three main patterns on the three different suggested needle sizes. This is going to be a very fun knit!!

*Please call the shop (770-998-3483) if you'd like to pre-order yarn for the Nantucket Vest. The smallest size calls for six balls, the medium seven and the large ten. It's $9.00 a ball.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cute. Cottage Style.

First, the new awnings. yes, they are yellow and white striped. and yes, don't they totally make the "Cottage"?

...and second, Butchie on his new bed. with his favorite tiger toy. and a box of yummy red cotton yarn keeping watch.
(yes, I am coveting a smaller version of this bed in pink with white polka dots for Holly!)
Any "cute" in your world right now?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've Been Bombed. in yarn bombed! yep, a few of our regulars celebrated World-wide Knit in Public Day this past weekend in a very constructive, very creative and very colorful way.

How did you celebrate?

Me, I knitted.

Yes, at the beach!