Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fibre Company Love Continues.

Time flies - I can't believe it's been a year since we received our first shipment of The Fibre Company's Road to China Light and Canopy Fingering. Those two yarns continue to be favorites for projects big and small. The colors, the fibers (merino, camel, silk, alpaca, yummmm), the soft drape. What's not to love?! So we were excited when Theresa wanted to expand our offering and carry Acadia and Savannah, too.

Those yarns have just arrived and wow. They're even prettier in person. Let me introduce you:
left to right, top to bottom - driftwood, lupine, blackberry, wild onion, maple, douglas fir, kelp, amber

This is Acadia, a DK weight blend of 60% merino, 20% silk and 20% baby alpaca. The Fibre Company says
Acadia is an absolutely beautiful, completely original and custom designed 2-ply yarn with a rustic look and soft hand. A subtle tweed effect created by the silk noil is combined with a heathered base and then overdyed in the duotones we are known for, creating incredible depth of color. 
...and we agree. The colors are stunning. And the pattern options are numerous. To get you thinking, here are three suggestions:

image from here
Avery cowl . A free pattern on Ravelry that was designed for Acadia. The lace pattern shows off the tweed beautifully. Two skeins on a size 6 needle. Finished size approximately 25" wide and 12" high. This seems like a great piece to go from fall to winter to spring.

© Gudrun Johnston/Jared Flood
Norie Hat . This pattern suggests Savannah (see below), but it works fine for Acadia, too. Two skeins on a size 5 needle. (I can't wait til it cools off enough to wear a hat!)

image from here
Etched Rio Wrap. Sadly, the pattern isn't up on Ravelry yet, but we fell in love with it when we saw the first sneak peek photos from TNNA back in June. The pattern suggests a DK weight alpaca silk blend, and now that we've seen how pretty Acadia is in lace, we think it would work perfectly. Knit it in a bright color like kelp or maple to make a statement, or driftwood for a go-with-everything staple.

...and now please meet Savannah, a sport-weight blend of 50% wool, 20% cotton, 15% linen and 15% soya. Yep, another multi-season blend that works so well in Georgia.
left to right, top to bottom - natural, sycamore, slate, bluegrass, crepe myrtle, woodsmoke, cabernet, persimmon
The Fibre Company says:
Savannah is a beautiful and rustic spun 2-ply yarn with a crisp yet soft hand. The unique blend of fibers are spun and then kettle dyed, and the different way the fibers absorb the dye creates a beautiful depth of color with subtle heathered tones. Additionally, Savannah is spun and dyed in the U.S.A., and we are proud to play a small role is supporting local textile mills here in Pennsylvania.
All true, and we are proud to support a USA-produced yarn!

As with Acadia, there are lots and lots of pattern options. Here are my favorite two.

Schieffelin Point Shawl . A free pattern on Ravelry that was designed for Savannah. This is a semi-circular top down shawl with a garter-stitch body and knitted on lace border. Love the shape! Three skeins on a size 7 needle.

...and I saved the best for last. Yes, Hannah Fettig's Sycamore Vest .  Five to nine skeins on a size 5 needle.
my incentive to finish the two Ravellenic Games projects I've queued...

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