Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday... hopefully not too stressful, especially on the stitching front (because surely y'all planned better than I did and you weren't hurriedly sewing the seam on your daughter's braided headband at 9pm on Christmas Eve, right?!)

28 cards filled with resolutions
In any event, 2013 is now well-underway and over the past 18 days, we've been talking about resolutions for this year. In addition to my own, I managed to get 27 of you to write down what you're resolving, planning and/or hoping to accomplish. We cover a lot of bases! and I wanted to share a few of the themes (and a specific one or two).

First up, finishing what we've already started (12 cards). Knitting with others is great encouragement for this. Or if you're stuck on a technique, consider taking a class or a private lesson. I can't wait to see what Theresa finishes!
let's hold her to this!
Next, learning something new (14 cards). Ideas include learning how to recognize - and then fix! - mistakes, knitting with double pointed needles and/or magic loop, making cables (without a cable needle), colorwork (fair isle and intarsia), steeking, double knitting, backwards knitting, first socks, first sweaters and blocking. whew! that's a lot of new techniques! personally, I want to knit a fair isle cardigan and steek it. I've helped a few of my students cut their knitting, but I haven't done it on my own project...until this year. The lovely Trefoil Cardigan from November Knits is the sweater I'm planning to knit. I'll definitely keep you posted!
my card (click to see it bigger)
Then knitting for others (6 cards), either for gifts or for charity. Our Tuesday afternoon group has been knitting hats to give away to the homeless and to cancer patients. They have patterns and yarn; call the shop or stop by on a Tuesday afternoon if you're interested. This year, we are also going to knit Mother Bears to give to Childrens' Healthcare. Stay tuned; we'll have more information to share next month.

and finally, knitting the yarn we already have (8 cards). If you purchased yarn from the shop and need help choosing a project, bring it in; our staff is happy to help you find a pattern! One knitter is allowing herself to buy yarn only for our knit-alongs (the rest of her projects will be knit from her stash). That's great incentive to participate!

Looks like we're going to have a busy year! Happy knitting!