Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yes, if you've seen the newsletter, you know it's officiall! We've chosen Summer Flies  as our next KAL, starting next Friday, May 6.

In case you haven't been in the shop lately, here are the two versions that inspired our choice, knit by our own Kathy S. Kathy said that when she read the pattern and saw it laid out in sections...she knew she had to use different colors of Koigu KPPPM. Inspired indeed!

For these two shawls, Kathy used three colors of KPPPM (and size 8 needles and she followed the pattern as written). Now she's working on a third (and it might be finished by now) that uses six. We've seen a lot of interest in the multi-colored idea, and Theresa wants to encourage everyone to try it. So she's put the KPPPM on sale - 10% off. Thanks, T!

Marci and I played around with some pairings yesterday. See how fun this is!

Of course, Summer Flies can be knit in just about anything - any weight, color, solid, variegated, etc. As long as it will show off lace, go for it! If you're not sure about the alternating color idea, how about a multicolor fingering weight? I have a skein of Kureyon Sock in my stash that I've been holding back for a lacy shawl.  And the Malabrigo and Madelinetosh Sock are always lovely choices for lace. You could make the shawl bigger if you choose the Kureyon or Malabrigo, since they have 440+ yards. This project on Ravelry has details for adding extra sections.

We'd love to have you join us - virtually in either our Ravelry forum or on Facebook, or in person at the shop on Friday afternoons.

edited to respond to Bonnie's comment - be sure to use version 8 of the pattern (that's the one that's linked above) - Kathy and Sally both used it and didn't find any errors.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Kind of KAL.

Maybe it was Stitches South. or maybe it was the weather. or maybe it was just luck, but at 2:30 last Friday afternoon, when I am usually knitting along at a table full of other knitters, I found myself knitting alone. OK, yes, I was in a yarn shop, surrounded by knitters - and stitchers :-) - but I was the only one knitting. I had fun chatting with folks, and got Marci to take my photo.
me and Holly (of course!) and my clapotis!

And then I thought about turning this into a blog post. Because I'm sure most of us end up knitting (or stitching) alone - KAL for purposes of this post! - at some point.

How do you keep yourself company when you find yourself KAL? Of course there's TV, and with DVRs, that's maybe all you need!  But you can watch TV with other people. What I like to do when I KAL is listen to knitting podcasts - and I've often been asked about my favorites, so I thought I'd share:

Electric Sheep - hosted by Katie, aka "Hoxton Handmade", who lives in London (yes, I love listening to her accent, too!), this is a thoughtful, well-produced, typically weekly podcast. She begins each cast with an essay and those essays might be my favorite part.  Most have made me laugh, all have taught me something, and one even made me cry (in a good way :-) She also talks about knitting and the knitting scene in Great Britain.

Doubleknit - hosted by Erin & Jessica who live in Seattle. They are avid knitters, readers and TV/movie watchers; and they talk about all those things on each show. Their casts aren't quite as frequent, maybe once every three to four weeks.

Never Not Knitting - hosted by Alana Dakos, aka "Never Not Knitting". Alana is also a designer; she has published patterns for accessories and sweaters for both adults and children. She podcasts semi-monthly, in series of ten and then takes a break. As I type this, she's on a break; I think new episodes will resume in May. She talks about her knitting and designs, reviews yarns and books and occasionally interviews designers (like Debbie Bliss, Hannah Fettig, Kate Gagnon-Osborne). Each episode also includes a story submitted by a listener; one of my favorites was a story submitted by Kirsten Kapur (who is also a favorite designer of mine).

Stash & Burn - hosted by Jenny & Nicole who live in San Francisco. This podcast started in early 2007 - pre-Ravelry! as Jenny & Nicole attempted to get their sizable stashes "under control". They talk about knitting and life and yarn and patterns and stash. Lots of stash...

You can download these (and many other!!) podcasts - for free! - on iTunes.

If you have recommendations to share, please join in - I'm going to open up a thread in our Ravelry group and of course you can also comment on Facebook.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


And no, this isn't a post about yarn.

Nope, it's about a new puppy.

A very-hard-to-photograph puppy.

Named Butch ("Butchie" for short).

I had originally titled this post "Theresa's new love", but then I thought about this photo and decided it was probably just about "love".

Congratulations to Butch(ie) and Theresa - puppy love is the best!!

p.s. this is Butch's sister Annie loving on his mama Penny. apparently the "love" runs in the family!