Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Wishes Come True.

Remember when I wished for a Brown Betty? Well, I got one! (thanks, Martha!)...proving - once again! - that those folks at Churchmouse know their stuff. The tea cozy fits perfectly.

Of course, it's so darned cute, I can't resist making one for myself! I've chosen the ruffled version with the i-cord tie.  And now I  have two skeins of Noro Silk Garden waiting to be knit up. (well, actually I have three - the yarn requirements stated in the pattern will use only a bit of the second skein, so I bought a third, planning to knit two - one for me, and one for a gift!)

And last week I wished I could read french. Or even better, have someone translate for me. Kind customer Molly asked kind customer Karen (who not only speaks and reads french, she teaches it!) to help. Here's her translation:
Live from the USA, a super soft wool that my husband went out for one Thursday evening between two meetings at the shop Cast-On-Cottage. I exchanged a number of emails with one of the employees, Mary, who helped me choose the wool from over experience was even a study for a knitting lesson, to see which color would go best with my complexion and hair; pictures from my blog prove it.  My husband was amazed by all of the walls full of skeins of wool.
Um, yeah, that's much better than what Google said! Thanks Molly and Karen!!

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  1. You are very welcome!

    Molly and Karen