Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting Ready for the Ravellenic Games.

We've been talking about it on Ravelry, and on Facebook, and last week these posters showed up in the shop. Yes, we're getting ready for the Ravellenic Games!

The question we hear the most is "What is it?"

There might be more official answers, but really, it's a big knit/crochet-along hosted on Ravelry to coincide with the Olympics. You "compete" by starting and finishing projects (see "Events" below) during the Olympics. The official start is 9pm London Time on Friday, July 27th and the official end is midnight GMT on Sunday, August 12. That translates to 4pm Cottage Time on the 27th and 8pm on the 12th.

We're going to have a big Opening Ceremony party at the shop on the 27th...to coincide with our regular Friday afternoon knit-along time. We'll keep each other honest about not starting til 4pm!

Your projects are entered into Events. There are 32 events this year (here's the link on Ravelry that describes them all). Some have firm rules, some are open to interpretation. You decide which event(s) you’d like to enter. Or you can decide what your personal challenge will be and then figure out which event(s) will work. I've decided to tackle one of my languishing WIPs - the Panoramic Stole (remember that shop KAL we did months ago? yeah, I never finished). That fits into the WIPs Wrestling Event (note that the rules state it has to be a project you haven't worked on since May 15, 2012). And I'm going to knit my monthly charity hat. That project fits into multiple events: hats, cables, charity and stash; I'll enter my hat into all four.

Project tags are what make all this work. You give your project tags to identify it as a Ravellenics project, the event(s) in which it's competing and our team. 

The official Ravellenics Tagging Tool is now live. There's a very detailed tutorial on Ravelry - please check it out (I can't do that nice a job here!)  And remember to add our team tag "teamcottage2012" (without the quotation marks).

I've added the official tags to both of my projects. Here's how they look now.
this is the Panoramic Stole - entered into just one event, so there are three tags (the event, the Games and our  team) and the "official ok"

this is the project for my charity hat - entered into four different events..and officially part of the Games!

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