Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What the UPS Man Brings.

I've posted before about my love for the UPS man who services the Cast-on Cottage route. Truly, a yarn store must deserve a special rating. Remember the day we had 29-ish boxes delivered? yeah. we're a tough crowd.

I always get a little twinge of excitement in my stomach when I pull up to the shop and see the truck.

and then I read the labels on the boxes sitting in the foyer. yesterday was a home run!

Yes, two boxes (50+ pounds if you're weighing, but really, ladies don't weigh do they?!) of madelinetosh. our latest shipment of vintage, tosh dk, pashmina and the new "sport" are now checked in, stocked and ready to knit.
dusk, well water, magnolia leaf, byzantine and antique lace
cousteau, well water and smokey orchid
We have new colorways - magnolia leaf and antique lace! - and tried and true oldies - byzantine, well water, dusk composition book gray. (and more) And of course, it's madelinetosh - it's all lovely!

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