Friday, July 22, 2011

The Rowan Wall.

Did you see on Facebook about Tuesday's mega UPS delivery? Yep, 29 (yes, twenty nine!) boxes were delivered Tuesday morning. 22 plus 3 more from Rowan, and 4 other boxes.

First we unpacked the boxes.

And cleared space.

It was a team effort - Theresa and Barbara printed tags for Dawn, Jessica and I to adhere to what seemed like thousands of balls of yarn (really, though, it was "just" hundreds!). Marci and Sheryl spearheaded the stocking.

By Wednesday morning we had this.

Yes, our Rowan Wall.

Theresa will have all the details in the soon-to-come newsletter, but to highlight, we have a LOT of Rowan :-) 

new colors of Big Wool
New colors of Kidsilk Haze, Kid Classic, Wool Cotton, Lima, Cocoon, Felted Tweed (and lots of Felted Tweed Aran - a great weight for fall and winter projects) and Big Wool. New yarns, including Alpaca Cotton, Creative Focus Worsted.

and my favorite, Fine Lace.

a few of the colors of Fine Lace
The colors are gorgeous; I love the alpaca/merino blend (think drape-y and soft). So much that I've now added Hannah Fettig's Featherweight to my queue!

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  1. i want a rowan wall! can't wait to come by and see the new goodies-i have a good idea what i'll be using my birthday discount on-oh the temptation.