Friday, September 30, 2011

Creature Comforts Modifications.

As promised! ... and barely in under the "promise" wire because I kept thinking I'd be able to have my own project cast on for a photo.  Not gonna happen and I finally admitted it at 6:00 pm tonight. So this is a photo-less blog post. Bear with me!

In response to feedback from the 250+ knitters who came before us on this project, our suggested modifications are to:

1. remove the pocket; and
2. knit the main body ribbing in the round.

Assuming y'all can figure out how to not knit the pocket, the rest of this deals with the main body ribbing. We were initially planning a provisional cast-on, moving straight into the main body (and the cable chart) and then joining the provisional cast-on stitches to the live stitches at the end to knit the ribbing. But we saw a few project comments about the finished shrug falling off the shoulders. That made us think that a more stable edge might be better.  Yep, that means we're going to pickup stitches all around the main body to knit the ribbing (after we knit the main piece and seam the underarms).

I'll definitely post photos soon, but for now, if you want to get started, this means you need to cast on (long tail cast on is fine) and immediately move to the Cable Chart. The first row will be a wrong side row. (and despite what the chart says at the top of page 8 - the chart is read from left to right on a wrong side row - just like every other chart you've ever read!)  ...and don't forget to adjust your length measurements to account for not having that 1-1/2 inches of ribbing at the beginning.

I know a few folks have started - it would be great to see works-in-progress (especially since I don't have one to share!). Please post photos in Ravelry to share in our group, or on Facebook.

Happy Knitting (and Happy FALL weekend!!)

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