Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Crush (and our next KAL).

Our infatuation with the gorgeous Churchmouse patterns continues. We're seeing quite a few Linen Stitch Scarves, all looking lovely - and so different. A few Fridays ago, we were sitting around the table for knit-along time and I was finally binding off my scarf and a woman came up to me and commented about the scarf and said she was from Bainbridge Island, and I asked if she'd been to Churchmouse and did she know that was where the pattern was from and turns out - she was one of the models for the pattern! (she's the one with the really cute hair wearing the green scarf). Wow!

Our conversation continued and she asked if we'd knit any of the Turkish Bed Socks. Well, no, but we love the pattern, especially because they look so cute with Danskos.

She said the pattern is really fun and it only uses one skein of Koigu (that's 175 yards - not much knitting at all!) So the group of us around the table bought the pattern and picked out our yarn and then shared the whole story with Theresa. And she suggested we do them as our next KAL. And I said sure, but will you join us? And she agreed!

We're going to cast on next Friday, November 12 at 2pm. Please join us! And if you can't make it to the shop on Friday afternoons, that's OK - please join the discussion on Ravelry or Facebook. These projects are all about the shared experience.

(ok - honestly, this one is also about making a really cute pair of socks to decorate the insides of our Dansko clogs!)


  1. And for anyone interested in buying Danksos to go with their new socks...go to and enter your email address - they will send you a $10 coupon to use on your shoes!

  2. I received a lot of nice comments about the Turkish Bed socks while wearing my Dansko clog's with rolled up jeans and long skirts. I normally wear my Dansko clogs with a bare foot. These socks make them more comfortable.