Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rasta Cowl Craze.

A few weeks ago, I posted about this fabulous new yarn called Rasta and suggested a simple cowl pattern (Marian ) that might work. 

We wanted to try it out, so I bought a skein that day and made my Instant Gratification the next. I used size 15 needles because that was the biggest needle I had and cast on 57 stitches (I was actually aiming for 55, following suggestions from other Ravelers, but my long tail was just a bit too long and I added 2 more stitches). I knit until I had about 5 yards of yarn left and then bound off in pattern. I did add the full twist before joining - and that was probably the hardest part of the whole project. Turns out twisting on purpose is tricky!

I wore my cowl to Knit Night and Sharon and Pat (and a few others I'm sure) were inspired. We know y'all have knit dozens of these cowls because the Rasta wall is looking empty! (and no worries if your favorite colorway is gone - Theresa has reordered.) It is great fun to see the finished cowls - of course they're all gorgeous and they work up so quickly they put big smiles on knitters' faces.

But this past weekend, we saw a sight that confirmed this is officially a project craze.
Yes, that's Molly and Louise, who are regular customers for the "Needlepoint Garden" part of our shop and frequent participants in Knit Stitch Night. And yes, they're knitting (and smiling!). The Rasta Cowl. We love it!

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  1. The cowl craze is getting crazier!! Right after the wall of Rasta had dwindled to almost nothing, an email came out from a competitor for Rasta and their pattern for a similar (but not the same) cowl. Then another email arrived from another store with another pattern for the Rasta cowl......the trend seems to have started here at Cast on Cottage and then spread to the rest of the city when Cast on ran out of Rasta!!!!