Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giddy Up!

Our very own Greer makes these wonderful project bags. And they're for sale exclusively at Cast-on Cottage.

She has a great eye for color - love the variety of fabric and ribbon combinations! - and her workmanship is flawless.
Choosing just one could be the hardest part.
Unless you're a die-hard fan! (and yes, that's an entire sweater project in there - yarn, knitting and two sets of needles)


  1. Is there a way to purchase on-line? I'm in love with the green and brown floral bag hanging next to the black, green and pink diamond pattern.

  2. Hi Michelle! I think you figured out we don't have an online store (yet?!), but if you call the shop, we can certainly take your order. Thanks for your support!

  3. maybe it's being a boy mom and an amateur historian-but i LOVE the cowboy print-reminds me of the early western movies and tv shows. i'm sure there were lots of little boys who had their bedrooms decorated with something similar. of course, the girly-girl in me likes the pink and red one too! thanks for featuring these they are awesome.