Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wishful Wednesday.

Last week, we received an email from Estelle ... who lives in France! Her husband was in Roswell on business and she wanted him to visit our shop Thursday evening to buy her yarn for a sweater. A few emails later, we learned she was planning to knit Veera Valimaki's Shift of Focus , a lovely sweater that suggests a sportweight merino blend. I visited her blog and Ravelry projects and saw she has lovely light coloring (she's also a beautiful knitter!).

The Wednesday morning ladies all agreed that the Nuna, in colorway 1015, a peachy beige would be perfect. I emailed back a photo and she agreed.

Saturday morning I had one more email, thanking us. She loved the yarn!  And later that day, I saw another photo...on her blog.
photo from le cabinet gris
along with some french words. I saw my name, and the name of the shop. but it's all in french. I wish I could read French, because something tells me Google Translate isn't quite getting it right!
Live from the USA, a super soft wool that my man has gone for Thursday night between two meetings in the store Cast-On Cottage ... I exchanged many emails with officials, Mary (Mere thanks! It was so fun!), who helped me choose the wool remote ... my case has even been a study for a knitting lessons, to see which color would go best with my complexion and hair, pictures of my blog in support ...;-) all this history that Mr. is not too taken aback by the walls of skeins ... nuna wool (merino, silk and bamboo) colori 1015


  1. Cast on Cottage has gone global-i LOVE it!

  2. Karen, one of the Thursday night needlepointers, teaches and speaks French. Maybe she could translate for you.


  3. I even have you pick out the pattern to knit...why take any chances :)

  4. i confirm, this yarn is absolutly WONDERFULL! wip... pics coming soon!
    see u soon Mary!

  5. What I get from that translation is that you are the yarn official! :)

  6. You have China and now France! When are you opening other locations?