Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Claudia Handpaints.

Another day. another new yarn. Seriously, it's starting to seem like that! Last week was completely overtaken by the Rowan, so much so that the completely wonderful shipment of Claudia Handpaints that arrived on Monday was overshadowed. I'd planned to post about it last week, but I felt like it deserved a spotlight of its own. And then I'd planned to post about it over the weekend, but I got caught up in classes and knitting...and now it's Tuesday.

And finally time to share about Claudia Handpaints.

Theresa is now stocking two of her best lines. Handpainted (duh, right?) fingering merino.
just a taste of the new "handpaints" wall...there are more colors above and below where I cropped this photo!
and handpainted linen.
that's Claudia on the left and Louet on the right. love the mixing possibilities!
If you've never seen these yarns in person, the fingering merino is kind of like the koigu kpppm (and as much as I am a huge fan of that yarn, Claudia's colorways....they had me at hello)

and the linen is exactly like the Louet Euroflax Sportweight. Seriously. It's the same fiber base, just handpainted. and wow! who knew what handpainting could do! I thought I'd had my fill of the yarn when I knit Liesl earlier this summer. Maybe no. Have you seen this pattern? (it was one of today's featured patterns on Ravelry and we have it in the shop). I might have to knit another tunic.
Liesl, Janna's Tunic...and Claudia's Handpaint Linen
Coming tomorrow - an update on our KAL plans (see this post on Ravelry for a hint). and then another post about new yarn (yes, our UPS driver is still being good to us!)

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  1. I couldn't resist the Claudia yarn! The colors are amazing. I've been on raverlry looking at patterns. Or maybe I"ll just look at them for a while!