Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fingerless Mitts KAL.

It's time to vote! Thank you to everyone who chimed in on Ravelry to help us narrow down the choices. We're going to pick two patterns - one for worsted weight and one for DK weight - so you'll still have a choice to make about which one to knit (unless you decide to make them both!)

So, without further ado, the finalists:

For worsted weight,

 Fetching  (sorry, but the ravelry project button seems to be broken this morning! maybe it's because over 15,000 of these have been knitted!!) - Fetching was originally published in Knitty back in 2006. It's a fun knit and fast (and the only one of these four finalists I've made -back in pre-ravelry days!)
copyright Cheryl Niamath

Susie's Reading Mitts  This pattern isn't quite as old, but it's still very popular. And note that we've got a suggestion about those picot edges that will avoid having to sew them down.
photo from flickr
 And for DK weight (although many have knit these projects with fingering weight),
Sourwood Mountain Fingerless Mitts  - Another design from Knitty, from 2009. 
copyright Erica Jacofsky
Linda K's Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers (note that this pattern is only available via Ravelry) 
photo from flickr

Please vote using the buttons in the sidebar to the right. And check back on September 29 to find out which ones win. We'll be starting the KAL on Friday, October 1 from 2-4pm (or you can always join us virtually).

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  1. I let my daughter vote since they'll probably be for her (if I can find time to knit along). :)