Monday, August 2, 2010

Casting on for Toe-up Socks.

One of the very cool things about toe-up socks is that there's no seam at the toes (which means no kitchener, which is, in my opinion, one of the very best reasons to knit toe-up socks!). But this also means you have to cast on in a way that allows you to "build" a toe. The Turkish Cast-on is one method - and that's the one suggested by the pattern - so that's the one I researched!

Gotta love the internet, and You Tube (and Google). A quick search for tutorials turned up thousands of results. These are my three favorites.

First, a video showing the cast on with two circular needles (she says it also works for magic loop).

Second - still for circular needles, a blog post with great photos.

And last but not least, a video for dpn lovers (like me!)

Note that you don't need to watch the entire 7 minutes...I managed this small beginning after watching just over 5 minutes of the video.

...I've also realized it might be helpful to do your cast-on while watching the video of your choice - please feel free to cast on ahead of Friday's "official" start date (I think I might need to!)

Hopefully this provides you what you need to get started, but please, if you have any questions, post them in the comments or on Ravelry; we'll respond as quickly as we can - thanks!

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  1. I forgot about the KAL and I accepted a lunch meeting invitation on Friday. Hopefully I can make it for part of the KAL. Have fun!