Friday, March 12, 2010

Knit Night.

Thursday evenings, the shop is open til 9 for "knit night", and the fun usually starts around 4 (but "knit late afternoon" just doesn't sound right, does it?). I usually don't get to stay for the night part, but the late afternoon time is still plenty of fun. Yesterday being no exception.

Jean shared her just-off-the-needles traveling woman.
Jean knit two repeats of pattern A and had to break into the second skein of ruca just to finish the last few rows of pattern B and the bind-off. If you're participating in the KAL, we think we can get four repeats of A (and maybe one more lace section - that's the math part of the pattern) out of two skeins.

Then Sally's finished another piece for Piper's ensemble.
This pattern is also in Debbie Bliss' 9 to 5 book; Sally knit it pretty much as written, except for the flowers which she tweaked a bit to fit with the scale of the finished bag.

There was also lots of talk about Sally's next project (maybe this?)... and that kind of talk always leaves me thinking about my next project. This is just the way I like to get my knitting inspiration!

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