Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Announcing a KAL!

...yes - we are announcing our very first Cast-on Cottage Knit Along (KAL)!

I posted about the Araucania Ruca in Monday's IK preview post. On Tuesday, I shelved seven (yes SEVEN) new multy colors. And now? to say I'm obsessed with this yarn would be an understatement....

I spent a few hours last night/this morning searching ravelry for patterns [btw - if you're not on ravelry, please join! it's easy and it's free...and it's so fun! please note that a few of the following links will only work if you are logged into ravelry - if you click one and see the login page, that means you need to be logged in to see the link].

My current queue is full of sweaters and I know I don't have the knitting bandwidth to add another sweater...but a lacy shawlette? that could work! and Traveling Woman [a free pattern on ravelry or on Liz Abinante's website] has been a favorite for a while. There aren't any ravelry projects - YET! - in the ruca, but there are plenty in fingering and DK weights... so I thought...

let's do a KAL - Theresa said "sure". and I said "cool". and here we go!

So... if you'd like to knit Traveling Woman, please join us!

We'll be casting on at the shop on Friday (March 5) at 2 pm. If you can't join us in person, please join us virtually on our ravelry forum. (we'll be meeting at 2 pm for the next few Fridays, too - you could finish this project in time for Easter!)

Of course I know everyone might not be as obsessed with the ruca as I am - here are a few other suggestions (with ruca at the end :-) for yarns/needles/yardage.  *please note that the yardages are suggestions based on other ravelry projects...suggest you estimate on the high side.

fingering weights (to knit the pattern "as written")
araucania ranco (75% wool/25% nylon), size 6 needle, 1 skein, check out these examples

crystal palace mini mochi (80% wool/20% nylon - 195 yds/skein), size 6 needle, 2 skeins - check out these examples

DK weights
blue sky alpacas alpaca & silk (50% alpaca/50% silk - 146 yds/skein), size 7 or 8 needle, 2-3 skeins

malabrigo silky merino (50% silk/50% baby merino - 150 yds/skein), size 7 or 8 needle, 2-3 skeins - check out these examples

sublime DK (70% merino, 20% silk, 5% cashmere - 127 yds/skein - LOTS of colors!), size 7 or 8 needle, 3-4 skeins

and last but not least, araucania ruca (100% sugarcane, 263 yds/skein - 27 colorways!), size 7 or 8 needle, 1-2 skeins*

*I'm going to swatch tomorrow and I'll let you know what needle size I choose - I think either needle size will work - more a matter of how tight you knit, and the fabric you like - remember, lace should be loose. I've purchased 2 skeins of the #1 multy colorway.

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