Friday, March 5, 2010

KAL week one.

...yes, participation in our KAL is free...but you do have to pose for a photo (and know that it will be posted on the internet for everyone to see!)
stormy, lynn, jean, mary, hollie, diane, jane, carol (plus paula and janice who were smart enough to leave early missed the photo)

We are off to a great start! It's hard to believe that everyone knitting the ruca selected different colorways. (promising a wide variety of knitted up samples to show off many of the colors...but still just a small representation of those 27 different colorways)

Notes from week one - the beginning is fiddle-y. starting on bamboo straights could be a good idea. expect to start over at least once (maybe twice, three times or even four!). count stitches on EVERY row. yarn overs on the purl side are...weird. this isn't a race to finish. [and a lot of other stuff that is fun - you had to be there! - but completely unrelated to the project.]

To all my KAL-mates - thank you for joining in - and being such good sports!!!

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