Saturday, June 15, 2013


...that's my answer.  And you ask, "What's the question?"

How many stitches can four knitters work on a Friday afternoon?

Here's the work in progress on four linen stitch scarves...two of them have 450 stitches and two have 480 stitches. My scarf is the one center right; I worked three rows of 480 stitches. I think the others were at least that productive*. And that makes 5,580 stitches. Pretty amazing!

It's also pretty amazing how different those four pieces look up close.

*or maybe not. Sandy stopped by and shared her work in progress; she's knitting the alpaca silk version. It's lovely. 

The four of us working the linen version might have gotten a bit sidetracked thinking about alpaca silk....and then one of us pulled a few skeins of maybe the answer is closer to 5,000. That's ok. It's still an impressive number!


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