Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Madelinetosh.

In my last post, I showed you the recently arrived Madelinetosh Sock. But I later learned I'd showed you only half the colors - yep, Theresa ordered 24 colors of Sock, not "just" 12!! Here's the other half. and a close-up of the gorgeous gray and pinky purple on the bottom row:

One of the great things about getting Madelinetosh at the shop, where you can see (and touch!) the yarn is that our shipments are all dyed at once. And Theresa always orders project quantities of the yarns. So if you want to make a sweater, say out of Pashmina
next up in my queue - the fall away cardigan in cove
or maybe out of DK
february lady sweater knit in kale
tea leaves almost done knitting in olivia
or maybe even out of the Sock, you can buy skeins that match. And you probably won't have to alternate skeins (I hate alternating skeins!)

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  1. such temptation! love the versitility of mtosh.