Monday, April 12, 2010

Underway with the Selbu Modern Beret.

Friday afternoon, we officially kicked off our 2nd KAL, the Selbu Modern beret. Although we had a full table of knitters, Lucille and Hollie were the only ones working on the beret.

But others are participating - this is Lynn DiCristina's as of yesterday. LOVE how the koigu colors "pop"!

Here are two tips for the beginning:
  • First - the stitch count (32) at the end of the instructions about working rows 1-62 of the chart. That is the count of stitches you'll have after you've worked those 62 rows. The chart begins with 24 stitches per repeat; you'll have 8 repeats across the 192 stitches.
  • Second - carry the koigu (your contrasting yarn) under the fresco (your background yarn) to make those contrast stitches stand out.
We'll be knitting at the shop again this week - Friday, AugustApril 16 at 2pm.  Please join us!

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  1. hope to see these modeled when they are finished, some very pretty color combinations.