Monday, April 21, 2014

Rowan Afghan Mystery KAL | Week One.

We got off to a great start with Week One. The clue came out a few days early to give all the anxious knitters an opportunity to knit over the holiday weekend. A group of us gathered at the shop Friday afternoon to get started (well, a few of us couldn't wait that long and arrived with a few squares already completed).
showing off our progress!
I decided not to swatch (??!! right??!!) and knit my first square on size 7 needles as the pattern suggested. Whoa. It turned out huge (as in 9-3/4" x 8-3/4" instead of approximately 8" square). I knit a second square on size 6's. It's still a little big (9" x 8-1/2"), but I like the fabric.  And that square used only 28 grams of the 100g ball, so I can knit three squares at that gauge and have enough yarn. I still need to block the square and I'm hoping I can "square it up" a bit then. To block, I'll pin it into shape and then spritz it (with plain tap water) to get it wet. When it dries, it should hold the pinned out shape.
my two completed squares - the first (bigger) one I knit is on the bottom to give you an idea how much bigger it is!
I think I'm the only one from our shop doing a 17-color afghan. I've mapped Martin's original color recommendations to my yarn so it's really easy for me to simply follow his suggestions to know which colors to use each week. For this first clue, he suggested Redcurrent (120) and Grasshopper (130). I have the Grasshopper and instead of Redcurrent, I have Rich Red (124). Folks knitting five or nine color afghans have to decide... regardless, you need to knit six squares.

It's not too late to join in. The next clue comes out a week from today, on Monday, April 28. You still have a whole week to knit the first six squares! You can find all the details in the Rowan forum on Ravelry (here). We also have a thread in our Ravelry group if the volume of posts in the Rowan thread scares you! If you want to be eligible for prizes at the end, you do need to 
  1. use the Pure Wool Worsted;
  2. finish (and post photos on Ravelry), I think by sometime in mid-to-late July; and
  3. write one post in the Rowan forum (thread linked above) to "sign up".
It's really not hard... if you need help, just let us know!

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