Saturday, February 9, 2013

Touching a Unicorn.

I saw this tweet a few days ago and instantly thought "yes, that's it exactly!"

Like many of you, I'm knitting Shibui's Mix No. 9 for the current shop KAL and that's my first experience with the absolutely stunning Silk Cloud. I joined my second ball (of three) last weekend and I am in love. It's soft and shimmery just like a unicorn should be. and it's surprisingly easy to knit with (as long as I have enough light :-) even though it's a laceweight yarn. The mohair makes it not-so-slippery and the silk that runs through the core gives it strength so it's not so easy to break.

That same morning, I also saw a blog post featuring Julie Hoover's Garance .  This sweater is a bottom-up seamless pullover that combines another Shibui favorite, Heichi, with Silk Cloud. Yep, two Silk Cloud mentions just a few hours apart.

I'm sure no one's surprised that a few seconds later my thoughts shifted to "I need to knit more of it. now."

I have the Heichi in the pattern-suggested Caffeine colorway in my stash. Oh yes, this must be a sign; I need to knit that sweater.

I now have three skeins of the pattern-suggested Camel...
and Garance is next up in my sweater queue.

The neutral color is what fits into my wardrobe, but the sweater would also be great in a purple. or blue.
L-R: Peony SC, Graffiti Heichi, Velvet SC, Fjord SC, Canal Heichi, Caffeine Heichi, Camel SC

If the Heichi sweater seems a bit heavy, why not consider the Silk Cloud Pullover . This is a top-down seamless pullover knit with the Silk Cloud held double. It's light as air and would be perfect to layer over a long-sleeved tee or a camisole to wear year-round. Right now, though, I'm loving that Apple colorway...just in time for spring!

So...have you touched the unicorn (yet)?

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