Friday, December 7, 2012

Another New Addition.

This week, we're highlighting the newest addition to our Malabrigo wall, Rastita (say it out loud - it's fun! or maybe I've just had one too many cups of coffee already?!).

Think of it as the sassy younger sister of Rasta*. Same fabulous colors, same slightly felted single ply 100% merino wool construction, but a sport to dk-weight. The yarn suggests 20-22 stitches over four inches on a size 6-7 needle. And it comes in a generous 310 yard skein. That single ply knits up super soft and squishy and warm...and calls out for a hat or a cowl.

By now you can probably guess I'm going to suggest the Honey Cowl . Really, it's the best one I know to show off beautifully variegated colorways. Cast on 220 stitches on a size 6 needle for a cowl about 40"+ inches around and 7-8" wide... perfect for wrapping twice and keeping someone's neck toasty warm.

Or cast on half that many stitches and make a hat with the leftover yarn. The Madhu Hat is a free pattern on Ravelry specifically designed for Rastita; and it features that same honeycomb slipped stitch pattern as the Honey Cowl. A single skein would make a great matching set!

With the tone on tone colorways, we love the Wurm Hat , another free pattern on Ravelry. This one features alternating "stripes" of stockinette and reverse stockinette that is perfect for soft squishy yarns. Check out the finished projects from two of our favorite designers, Olga Jazzy and Assemblage (Kirsten Johnstone) to see what we mean.

If you're not tempted yet, how about one last photo!

*if you're not sure you've got time to tackle a 200-300 yard project right now, there is plenty of Rasta on that wall. I spotted at least a half dozen Rasta cowls on the needles Wednesday afternoon. This cowl takes just one 90-yard skein. Cast on 59-ish stitches (you need an odd number) on a size 15 or size 17 24" circular needle. Give the stitches a full twist before you join and work k1, p1 until you've got a few yards of yarn left. Bind off. Enjoy!

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  1. Just finished my Rasta cowl. SO quick and easy. Great holiday gift!