Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Measure for Measure.

Measure for Measure is the lovely wrap that's been displayed on our back table for the past few months. With the Ravellenic Games behind us, and before we dive headfirst into holiday gift knitting, we're going to tackle this as a knit-along.
we gave the shawl a taste of sunshine for this photo!
a close-up of the jul shawl pin you might need want to close your piece
I've used the word tackle on purpose. The front of the pattern says "not for the faint of heart, this scarf has very fine linen stitch borders and a main field of double brioche stitch. This is not a quick and mindless knit." So true! Not only is the stitch itself a challenge, the wrap takes 1,500 yards of yarn (mostly knit on a size 4 needle)...yep, that's a lot of knitting!
a close-up of the brioche - truly stunning!
Which means we're going to treat this "knit-along" a bit differently. Yes, we're still going to gather on Friday afternoons for fun and knitting and encouragement, and we're still going to share tips & lessons learned here and on Ravelry. But we're not planning to actually knit this project on Friday afternoons. If you've come for knitting on a Friday, you know you need a (somewhat?!) mindless project...or you end up ripping more than you knit! 

Beginning this Friday (and likely continuing through September), we're going to gather for knitting our (somewhat :-) mindless projects and show-and-tell for everyone's Measure for Measure. Please do bring your project to show off your progress, share lessons learned and ask questions (and get them answered).

If you're on the fence about joining in, maybe it will help to see a few colors of the suggested Swan's Island Fingering. Note that it takes three skeins. This yarn is lovely to knit with and it works up beautifully (my recently completed Panoramic Stole is knit in the Oatmeal colorway, same as our shop sample, and same as the photo on the cover of the pattern).
a sampling of colors; we have many more!
I happened to have 1,500 yards of Findlay Dappled (in the Woodland colorway), the Juniper Moon Farm merino/silk laceweight. I've always wanted a lightweight silk scarf so I'm going to use it. I do suggest going down to a size 6 needle for the beginning and ending rows of Linen Stitch; you'll probably need to work more rows, too (I worked 16 instead of the 9 the pattern stated). I'm using size 4 needles for the Double Brioche section (same as the pattern states). And because I wanted more of a scarf than a wrap, I cast on 87 stitches so I can make it longer.
So far so good!  Hope you'll join in, too. The more of us that knit this, the more fun we'll have to share!

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