Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Julie Hoover Crush.

Have you heard of Julie Hoover?  Her designs are clean and modern and use fibers like silk, cashmere, merino and stainless steel. And even though she lives in Alaska (where I'm betting they won't see 80 degrees for months...right now, the headline photo on her website shows tree trunks buried in snow!) she has a few patterns that are perfect for warm - ok, maybe even hot - weather.

Yesterday, the Habu yarn* suggested for two of them arrived in the shop.

Specifically, the Tsumugi Silk for Insouciant.
click photo to enlarge

And the Silk Stainless Steel and Merino for Decalage.
click photo to enlarge
we've put together suggested color pairings - note that you could  use a single color of merino and a single color of silk/stainless and you'd need only three cones of merino and one cone of silk/stainless

...and Theresa tells me that the silk for Tisse should be in the next Fed Ex delivery (hopefully today!)

*in addition to these three yarns, we also have more cotton gima and more kits.

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