Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ella Coat Knit-along.

Kathy posted on Facebook and Ravelry about doing a "big" knit-along in early 2012. By "big", we mean a coat!

Yes, we fell in love with The Ella Coat when we saw Nora Bellows modeling it so well back in November (she was in the shop for a weekend, teaching the Noni Bags workshop).

Now the pattern has arrived and we're gearing up to order yarn for all who are interested.

The pattern has options for a solid coat, a solid coat with contrasting ruffle (that's the option pictured) and a striped coat. Yarn requirements vary based on which option you choose. For the solid coat with contrasting ruffle (as pictured), the smallest size 32" takes 1,000 yards of the main color and 500 yarns for the ruffle; the largest size 54" takes 1,500 yards of the main color and 750 yards for the ruffle. Striped versions have 11 different colors (1 skein of each plus 500 yards for the ruffle).

The recommended yarn is Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool, a beautiful worsted wool with 250 yards per skein that comes in plenty of colors (check out the color cards here).

The pattern is very detailed (just like all the Noni Bag patterns, if you're familiar with them) and includes notes about modifications to ensure a beautiful fit. The coat body is constructed as one piece, the sleeves are knit separately and then sewn in. (and even given my bias toward seamless construction, I'm going to give this one a try!)

...the hardest part is going to be choosing the color(s)! I'm thinking about a brown body with an oatmeal ruffle. or maybe an oatmeal body with a brown ruffle. or maybe purple and green like the pattern shows. What colors would you choose?


  1. My original was: coat in Pansy with the ruffle in Lilac.
    My revised combination: Coat in Pansy with the ruffle in a multi-color yarn that incorporates the Pansy shade with Green. I think it will really make it pop! And, it will definitely be different from the more solid Shepherd's Wool shades (although they are gorgeous).

  2. to Anonymous - we want to SEE your coat!!! it sounds spectacular!

  3. Hi Mary! I chose Granite (grey) for the body, Black for the ruffle, and I'm going to add some stripes at the bottom of the coat and the end of the sleeves in Plum and Pewter. Can't wait to start it tomorrow!