Wednesday, April 13, 2011


And no, this isn't a post about yarn.

Nope, it's about a new puppy.

A very-hard-to-photograph puppy.

Named Butch ("Butchie" for short).

I had originally titled this post "Theresa's new love", but then I thought about this photo and decided it was probably just about "love".

Congratulations to Butch(ie) and Theresa - puppy love is the best!!

p.s. this is Butch's sister Annie loving on his mama Penny. apparently the "love" runs in the family!


  1. Oh goodness he's too cute. Definetly coming by to get some puppy love <3

  2. I just got a new puppy too!! I got a little black Pomeranian and her name is Piper! I will have to bring her by to meet Butchie! <3

  3. Oh my goodness. Those pictures of Butchie and Theresa are adorable. I love that their hair is the same color! He clearly adores her and vice versa!

  4. Oh my goodness. These pictures of Theresa and Butchie are so cute! I love that their hair is the same color. He clearly adores her and vice versa! Hooray for puppy love!

  5. Theresa, you are incorrigible! (I had a hard time walking past the Petsmart this weekend myself--there was a brindle pug that was calling my name on Saturday. Mercifully, by Sunday when I checked on him, he'd been adopted. Otherwise we'd have been back up to 4.)

  6. Yay Theresa! I can't wait to meet Butch. So adorable.