Friday, December 23, 2016

                                   A Look back at 2016 -- and our customer creations!

Wow, the last quarter flew by -- since the election (yes, November 8th -- that one) the time has flown!  More customers have come in with some great work -- and I just want to post a few pictures so you will see what others have been doing.

More is coming in 2017 -- there are new Shibui yarns coming out, including a great linen that replaces their former linen product.  Brooklyn Tweed is new for us as of 2016, and we are looking for great new patterns and wonderful garments -- we have sold a lot of Quarry (surprise !  The heavy weight has done well here in our climate!) as well as Arbor, Shelter and Loft.

We will showcase others as we go into the short days and long nights of a Georgia winter.   So here are a few pictures of staff and customer creations
Ding Dong....

Emma with her Watercolor... knitted by Candi!


Ponchos are always great

Watercolor with a different color scheme...



Needlepoint of a lovely home... stitched with love.

                                    A great sweater by Allison ... a Brooklyn Tweed production!

So Happy New Year to all of you!  More great creations next year -- Right?