Monday, October 3, 2016

Knitting in Literature.... and local celebrities

Sorry it has been so long since the last post!  New yarns have been coming in by the box load, and I just have not been able to sit down & think!

This is a great link to a blog post from several years ago but still relevant if you like to read and knit.  I guess many of us are actually LISTENING to books while we knit... but here is the link...

  I am always fascinated that Hagrid (of Harry Potter book fame) is a knitter.  It seems that he really likes yellow. 

Then there is Mrs. Weasley -- and of course Miss Marple.  Who else is out there in Knit Lit?

And what's on YOUR needles these intermittent warm days?  Get it? MITTS?

                                                                  Chickie's beaded wristlets
                                   Mary Ellen's blanket... inspired by a Kaffe Fassett pattern
Betty's baby blanket -- what a gift!
Time to Knit!

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