Thursday, August 18, 2016

New from Blue Sky Fibers

The yarn business has a confusing calendar.... like most retail that relates to fashion, our delivery calendar is always ahead of our "real" calendar.  Nonetheless -- yes it is over 90 degrees out there, but our winter woolens are arriving!

 One of the most outstanding new yarns this (upcoming) season is from Blue Sky Fibers (formerly Blue Sky Alpacas) -- you know them from the lovely alpaca, wool and silk blends, as well as the much loved Worsted Cotton, and Spud & Chloe yarns. 

Blue Sky has created Woolstok -- 100% Highland wool from  Peru... and it is gorgeous.  We got every color (Theresa loves a wide color array) and the wall with these skeins is just luscious.  Read on...

The story of the yarn can be found here

and the patterns are as varied as the colorways...

from the Bird Island Dog Sweater .... for a large dog this is 4 skeins of two different colors... a pug -- well maybe 2 skeins. 
 to the "Endless" wrap...

and the classic Cromwell Pullover, a great semi-structured sweater -- great for the advanced beginner who is ready to make a garment.

 Not so complicated - but a great "boyfriend" style with (can I say this again?) SO MANY COLORS to choose from!

Tonka Bay Toque -- a great unisex knit!

So, no matter what your calendar says, get ready to knit!

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