Sunday, July 31, 2016

End of July - How may days over 94 degrees?

We are all looking for ways to beat the heat -- after a record number of days in the mid to high 90's here in Georgia.  The last reports I saw noted that metro Atlanta had 37 days in the mid 90's last year, and we have already had 44 days in the same heat range this year.  Wow!  It's no wonder that knitters and crochet enthusiasts are looking for cotton, linen, bamboo and any other fiber that seems a bit lighter on the lap.  Not much interest in wool... yet.

But you should keep on knitting during the summer -- and I'll mention (again - this was on our Facebook page months ago) there are health and cognitive (MENTAL!) benefits to knitting.  The study was highlighted in a New York Times article back in January -- but here is the website "Life Hack" and their mention of the study :

Wendy sent me a note about the article this morning -- This is ONE of the reasons why we knit.  It's a great social activity, but it also provides a lovely result -- and here are some of our favorite knitters in the shop for a special event.... some creations  ... and a picture of part of a stash -- when you just want to experience some color.   Enjoy!

It's good for you!

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