Wednesday, July 6, 2016

All things "heirloom"

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Heirloom Knitting

Well, here are some heirloom tomatoes.... don't they look luscious?  Grab that salt & pepper...

and here are some heirloom dresses... (are you missing the Dowager Countess yet?)

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Don't we always sort of look at our unfinished projects (UFO's) and think... "I should have done something else with that time"....

Well, just knit the things you love.  And if you don't love a project, donate it to the senior center -- or -- put it in a bag and give it to someone who will love it or...

put it in the waste basket and don't think about it any more.  Stop beating yourself up about it. 

And knit something you will love -- or that someone else will love.  Like the lovely Lily Rose Dress -- pictured at left.

Dorothy knitted this for the little darling in these pictures, and it is an heirloom for under $30.  It will be cherished -- and will become a treasure that is eventually worn by a teddy bear (those " little darlings" grow up) or a little sister or cousin. 

Anything can be an heirloom! 

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  1. I knit the Lily Rose dress for a coworker's baby and she LOVES it. It was such a fun knit too.