Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A bit of "Joie de vivre"

What does this have to do with Falstaff?

No, not Falstaff the beer.  (who remembers that?) Falstaff that guy in the pictures who always seemed to be smiling.

This is a picture of a scarf that is a new "classic" among the knitting community -- a simple concept, easily learned pattern, and hundreds of yarn combinations that might be just the thing for you.  Great with an LBD and pearls... or your jeans.  And your pearls.

Bateaux Mouches in Dappled Findley -- 1 skein

Here are all the new bags of Alpaca 1 -  16 colors!

 Here is a bucket of color in alpaca!   

This is a work in progress -- Theresa has started on another Bateaux Mouches -- these are her colors!
Lynn's Bateaux Mouches in Dappled Findley

In spite of bad things that happen, we should find joy in each day.  Back to the Joie de Vivre -- the joy of living -- here's the guy who symbolizes that joy:

Knit on!

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  1. Well done-that's how I feel/look when a new sweater fits just right!