Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Poncho Post

Everywhere we look these days, there are ponchos.

Here is a very small one...

We are currently featuring Poncho's in our shop Newsletter....go here  for "inspiration" to see the newsletter and perhaps shop some of the yarns mentioned below...

This is Amy, in our shop, wearing a poncho called "Sasha"....

... looks good!  (It is a winter weight... in case you were thinking about finishing another project in the meantime...)

And Cheryl's in Zooey DK -- a classic look.  Zooey is a good yarn for our Southern climate. (tropical?)

Here are a few more...  This is Blue Sky Fibers "Two Harbors"....

It's the new sweatshirt,

they say.  But doesn't a poncho look more "fashion forward" and "put together" than a sweatshirt? 

This is a Cima & Linen combo from Shibui Knits.... in the perennial favorite "Churchmouse" easy folded poncho pattern!

Always good in Red!  Check this out.... BJ has a great poncho for game day, or for almost any event!

You can knit one... like one of these -- Elisa (on the left) is wearing an Easy Folded Poncho (knit by Elisa) and Carole is wearing "Lolita."

Elisa and Carole

Do you have a poncho to show? Let us know... just go to the Cast on Cottage website and send your picture/pattern/ideas to  We  will continue to showcase our customers and their beautiful work.... a festival of poncho's!

Monday, April 4, 2016

A bit of knitting history - Maybe?

I don't want our blog to be considered just a piece of knitting "fluff".... so here is your history lesson for today.

As a fine example of the nalbinding/knitting confusion, the famous (notorious?) Dura-Europos fragment is considered by many to be the oldest fragment of knitting in existence. Found in the Indus River Valley and dating back several thousand years, it is listed in many books and the original dig report as knitting (I sincerely wonder if they HAD a knitter on the original dig.) Barbara Walker has even written a pattern so we can all knit something historical. Unfortunately, the Dura-Europos fragment has been proven to be made of nalbinding. Still, the knit version would make a cool pair of socks. 

Next:  any comments on "nalbinding"?  (What the heck is that, anyway?)