Thursday, March 31, 2016

Prices of Sheep...go figure

Prices of wool... leads me to think about prices of sheep!

After all, the material we love has to start somewhere. Granted, we don't always use the animal fibers -- but let's just consider for today the sheep.  Lovely, benign, uncomplicated sheep.

So, as usual, I did a little research.  Sheep come in many varieties, and there is much processing to do AFTER the shearing is done.  Let's don't think about that yet, because that will cause an argument about the price of petrol/gasoline/diesel, etc.  And as we have seen recently, the prices of gas have varied tremendously.  Remember the gallons of gas we bought in 2008 .... as high as $4.00?

I digress.  Back to sheep. The most expensive sheep was a member of the Texel breed, popular for meat... and the prize specimen was named Deveronvale Perfection.  He sold for $350,520 in 2009.  (Actually, he was in the UK, so his value was measured in pounds.) How about that name "Perfection" ?  Now that's not just any mutton.

The less exotic breeds sell for about $200-500 in the US.

This is Shaun, the sheep, with a lamb.  Happy Spring!

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