Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome to February!

Since I write blog posts from time to time, I READ more blogs than the typical person... and there's so MUCH out there to read.  So little time!  Just like so much YARN!  and so little time....

Anyway, just a quick note to welcome you to February.  Aside from all that noise about the upcoming primaries, elections, debates, etc., there is just one thing standing between us in the Atlanta area and SPRINGTIME!  That thing is February!  And this year it is 29 days long!

So remember all the things that happen in this month... it's Black History Month, Heart month, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day,  Ground Hog day... and a host of other things to celebrate.  Let's enjoy these last few weeks of real winter, and let's stitch those winter garments and canvases.... then get ready for a great Roswell/Atlanta springtime!

We've got some cool things coming up in the short term... stay tuned at Cast on Cottage for more threads, canvases and gadgets in the Needlepoint department.  Shibui Knits has a new website and a great new yarn launching on February 12th, and we have a party happening in the store on the weekend of March 5th!  Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Also, don't forget the Spring Fling and Beyond event at the Perimeter Marriott on March 19-20.  There will be more vendors than ever, and a great "one stop" shopping experience for all sorts of artsy-craftsy!  Stay tuned, we will have more information about that in upcoming posts.

Shall we look for General Beauregard or Puxatawney Phil in the morning? I vote for the General.

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