Friday, February 26, 2016

Shibui Knits... and we love it!


How about a great new knit project... Spectrum by Shibui? 


Beauty Feeds the Soul.

-- with the lovely new Rain product.... and another favorite you already know.   Silk Cloud.  It adds the slight "loft" -- like all the Shibui yarns, these are classy and make a fashion statement.

The Spectrum is a cool and classy wrap or scarf... it can be knit in two different sizes -- and a perfect knit for the shoulders when you step into that restaurant and have the AC blowing on you... and makes such an elegant statement.

Shibui is starting a Knit Along next Friday -- and due to finish on April 18th -- perfect.  Check it out here   and the Ravelry group that is coming together online to work this project.

YOUR fashion statement...

Check out all the vibrant colors at or on our website...

What will your new spring work of art be?  



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