Thursday, February 18, 2016

Define "Floozie" .....

So a Floozie..... is a woman... and the 8 designed by Leigh Designs and interpreted by the intrepid stitchers at Cast on Cottage & Needlepoint Garden will be


Did you check out the names?  Bourbon Bette?  It does not get more descriptive than that.

Just take a look at the opportunities for embellishment!  Those pearls, that boa around the shoulders of Chardonnay Charla! 
Come join us, on Wednesday evenings this spring for a special experience.  Pick your  Floozie (she's a 10 x 10 on 18 mesh canvas) and you will get all sorts of help with stitch guides, ideas for finishing, and the "full monty."  Oops, well, maybe just a short glass of Whiskey. 
More to come, as we show you the progress on this -- and if you are at a distance, or just want to stitch at your own favorite bar, let us put a kit together for you.   Call or email the shop ( and we'll hook you up!

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