Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sark wrap

We don't always pay much attention to the designer of a certain pattern... and how many times do we knit EXACTLY what the pattern prescribes?  (Or do you consider the pattern directions a "dictate"? A rule? A "guideline"? ) Atlanta knitters do their own thing!

We can have fun with those thoughts, but often the designer has spent a great deal of time and energy in getting it "right" -- just as an architect would plan a building structure.  This quarter's knit a long is no exception: the talented Martin Storey is the designer and he has quite a history of solid patterns and beautiful results.

Martin Storey started out in Beeford, in Great Britain.  He actually worked on a pig farm, according to the bio on   There are some charming videos of him promoting last year's afghan KAL, and you get a sense of his soft spoken tone, as well as his sense of humor.  He went to art school eventually, and became a designer at Jaeger, before they were acquired by Rowan.  Since then he has been the lead designer for the "Classic" lines at Rowan.   Note: if you want to see what Martin has to offer for 2016, there is another KAL afghan.... the introduction of the first month's "square" is late January, and it is knit with Pure Wool Worsted.  We just got a new shipment! 

Our Ravelry group notes indicate that the Sark will be an "epic" knit.... but what a beauty!  Mary is our moderator for this KAL and her initial notes are on Ravelry.  (Go to groups, find Cast on Cottage, and the list of topics will come up... or go to  this url:


Here is a picture:

How about that notecard technique?  Mary takes a row, puts it on an index card, and so she is ONLY LOOKING AT ONE ROW AT A TIME!!!!


(A certain little pattern called Creature Comfort comes to mind.... that one put me off patterns like this for a while.... I think I knit only in garter stitch for about 3 months after that....).  I digress...

And tell me if you think Martin Storey's favorite embellishment is the bobble.  Ya think? 


  1. Love this project! I'm halfway through the third repeat. What day and time does he group meet at the shop? Great idea with the index cards!

  2. Hi, Tammi - we are so glad you're enjoying the project! We typically meet on Friday afternoons, say 1:30-ish, for a couple of hours. I'm out of town right now, but plan to be back to the shop in a couple of weeks. Please do visit our Ravelry group for some virtual inspiration. - Mary