Monday, November 10, 2014

Let's Knit (All the) Hats!

Last week's newsletter (you can subscribe here to receive it via email) featured four quick and easy hats.
top to bottom - Swans Island Watch Cap, Swans Island Nor'Easter, Simple Pleasures, Churchmouse Pressed Rib Cap
By the time we published, a few of us had plans to knit one or two of them...and one of us *ahem that would be me* decided she needed to knit all four! I knit the Simple Pleasures hat shown above, so that really means I "only" need to knit three more.  

Every crazy knitter needs company, so let's have a knit-along! There are only three "rules" for this one:
1. your project needs to be one of the hats featured in the newsletter; and
2. you need to knit it with yarn purchased from the shop (stash counts!); and
3. you need to cast on and finish the project during the KAL ("official" cast-on started November 6 when the newsletter published and the end date is Friday, December 12 - just over five weeks.)

Depending on the response, there might even be prizes, but for sure there will be plenty of fun and camaraderie. 

To participate, you need to post your project(s) in Ravelry with the tag cottagehatKAL14, along with a finished photo by December 15. The photos don't need to be modeled shots, we just want to see the FO! Of course if you're local, we're always more than happy to take those FO shots (especially if you'll let us share them on Instagram or Facebook!) Don't let the Ravelry part scare you - if you have any questions, just ask us. We promise, it's easy!

 clockwise from upper left - Nor'Easter, Watch Cap, Simple Pleasures, Pressed Rib
Need a little more encouragement? How about a few alternative yarn suggestions*:

First, the Nor'Easter . We featured it in the pattern suggested Swans Island Bulky. That yarn is super soft and really nice to knit. But it doesn't come in the ivory I had my heart set on. Trendsetter's new Merino 12, however, does (along with about a million other solid colors!) The yardage is the same, so a single skein of the Merino 12 is all you'll need for one hat.

Next, the Watch Cap . We featured it in two colors of Shibui's Merino Alpaca. Three "single skein" options would be the pattern suggested Swans Island Pure Blend, Shepherd's Wool Shepherd's Worsted or Juniper Moon Farms' Moonshine. Note that our sample (as well as the project featured in the pattern) is a large. That's definitely the size to knit for a guy, but if you're making it for a gal, I'd suggest the medium (that's the size I plan to knit). Finally, the pattern also has a small size, perfect for kids.

Third, Simple Pleasures . We featured it in Shibui Cima + Silk Cloud. I'm a huge fan of Shibui Mix...and this combination is one of the reasons why. I might even knit another one! If, however, you told me you didn't want to bother with holding two yarns together - even though that meant giving up the wonderful "cloud" on the top of the hat - I'd suggest Mirasol's Nuna or the gorgeous Baah Aspen (a decadent blend of merino, silk and cashmere in a stunning rainbow of colors). The yardage on the Nuna should be just enough to work with a single skein, but you'll need to be sure to end the brim ribbing at 6". The Aspen has 330 yards; you'll have enough leftover to knit a pair of matching mitts!

And finally, Pressed Rib . We featured it in Juniper Moon's Herriot. If you want to use a washable wool/blend, how about Berroco Vintage or Rowan's Pure Wool Worsted? These yarns are both about 220 yards per skein; you could knit a one-color hat with a single skien of each (or get two contrasting colors to knit two hats). Note that the washable yarns will not "press" the same way an unprocessed fiber will. If you're knitting the Cap and Muffler set and need the "press", Aslan Trends has two lovely options: Royal Alpaca (100% Alpaca, 220 yards) and King Baby Llama/Mulberry Silk (70% Llama/30% Silk, 218 yards). Either of these would make a beautiful set and the yardage on both is

*Although we carry all the yarns suggested, they aren't all listed on-line. If you'd like to order one of the yarns that's not listed (i.e., there's no link to the on-line shop), please call us and we'll be happy to process your order over the phone.

We'll be knitting along at the shop on Friday afternoons (as always). If you can't make it in person, it's ok. You can participate virtually in our Ravelry group or on Facebook. The more, the merrier. That's what's makes a KAL fun! Come join in and keep me company. Because whether you want to knit one, two, three or all four, you can't ever have too many hats!

P.S. We know a few of you are still knitting along on Lindsay. Do you need a little encouragement to keep going?

It's worth it!


  1. Lots of cool things happening at the Cottage and around the big yellow table! Hope to be able to join in the fun