Friday, June 4, 2010

More Madelinetosh!

Thursday was an especially good UPS day - our long-awaited order of madelinetosh sock and DK arrived!

We have eight colorways of sock (celadon, composition book gray, fathom, fig, glazed pecan, olivia, tart and wisteria) and five of the DK (fathom,kale, nostalgia, tart, wisteria). These colors are truly gorgeous and a photo can't begin to capture their depth, but at least the sun came out...and I didn't get too many strange looks when I posed these skeins in our front yard!
a sampling of DK (left to right: kale, tart, wisteria, fathom)

and a sampling of sock (left to right: tart, glazed pecan, celadon, composition book gray, olivia, wisteria and fathom)

These yarns are incredibly popular - for good reason - they're soft, beautiful and washable! Check out the thousands of projects on Ravelry (sock and DK) if you're looking for inspiration. I haven't been able to decide where to start. Socks or a shawlette in the sock, or a February Lady Sweater in the DK?

Please share your projects with us on Ravelry. I've started a thread in our group to encourage a virtual conversation - photos, ideas, questions are welcome!

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